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Welcome to for FREE IELTS PREPARATION You will get free IELTS tips, Model answers to Essay as well as the letter, expected IELTS topics, IELTS practice lessons, and IELTS practice videos. As the author and your English teacher, I assure you complete success in your IELTS exam in less time.

Before you start your IELTS preparation journey, I force you to go through every bit of information provided here and I insist you read this whole page with full concentration if you really want to learn about IELTS. Here you will learn how to use this free website in your preparation time. My aim is to get you no less than IELTS band score 7, 8 & 9. There may be some candidates who only need the IELTS band score 5.5 or 6. So, everyone can get the full benefits here without any doubt in the head.

What is the IELTS Test?

IELTS is International English Language Testing System. IELTS is the world’s biggest English language testing system. It test for ENGLISH skills for students and working professions and have test centres across the globe. English is an International language. Your wish to travel or migrate can be fulfilled with this English testing system. Every country accepts English as the first or second language. Thus, you need to take part in IELTS before going anywhere.

IELTS test is of four parts:

  • IELTS Listening – The first part of IELTS is listening test which is of 30 -minute audio recording. There will be 40 questions that you need to attempt. IELTS listening is the same for Academic and General candidates.
  • IELTS Reading – IELTS Reading is different for Academic and General Training students. There will 3 reading passages for Academic students and 5 paragraphs for General Training students with 40 questions. The test will last for 1 hour.
  • IELTS Writing – IELTS Writing is different for both Academic and General Training candidates. This is divided into task 1 and task 2. For Academic Task 1 is a short report of a chart, graph, map table whereas Task 1 for General Training students is a letter. Task 2 is the same for Academic & General Training which is an essay. IELTS writing lasts for 1 hour.
  • IELTS Speaking – IELTS Speaking will be on some different day than your other three modules. Either speaking date will be in 7 days prior to the examination or within 7 days after your examination. It will be a face to face informal test with an examiner. This test lasts between 11 and 14 mins. There will be 3 parts of this test. The pattern of this test will be the same for both the candidates. All IELTS candidates take the same test.