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Most of the Candidates are stuck at 6.5 BANDS or 6 BANDS in IELTS WRITING Task despite trying a number of tactics. Some of the leading IELTS Trainers and examiners say different reasons for this. Some of the known causes for less IELTS marks in writing task are given below

  1. Vocabulary not appropriate
  2. Coherence
  3. Cohesion
  4. Use of Collocations
  5. Tenses
  6. Introduction writing issues.
  7. Not using enough examples
  8. View or opinion not appropriate and so on

But an important task which we forget is to use one type of English in writing.

Now you will be surprised to know this, we talk about British and American accents in speaking but not in writing. English is spoken worldwide as everyone knows. What we used to learn in school was British English, but nowadays, American English is used more than enough especially in writing. So while writing an essay we need to take care of spellings as well. We have to write only in one type of English, not the mixed one.  

There 160 distinct dialects of the English language and there is so much similar in the USA and UK English however, there are more than enough differences between their two versions of the English language i.e American English Writing and British English Writing. The Difference is not only in the pronunciation but in words too.

Americans love to use their own spellings, thus, the US State Department has created a list of these words to tell us the difference between the British English and American English usage.

Do you remember your initial school days when you started using the colour names? And now many of you have become software programmers and while doing code you see a graphic property of any element is written as color, not colour.

My Personal Experience with this

When I started writing a piece of code, I just thought that I have lost my mind because every time I write something it shows wrong spellings. I thought that I am suffering from some disease as I write always wrong. I was going through this trauma for a long time. I At that time I was not aware of the American and British style of writing.  

Aging Ageing
Airplane Aeroplane
Apologize Apologise
Analyze Analyse
Behavior Behaviour
Canceled Cancelled
Center Centre
Color Colour
Check Cheque
Darft Draught
Favorite Favourite
Gray Grey
Honor Honour
Humor Humour
Jewelry Jewellery
Labor Labour
Learned Learnt
Liter Litre
Meter Metre
Memorize Memorise
Neighbor Neighbour
Organize Organise
Pajamas Pyjamas
Program Programme
Realize  Realise
Recognize Recognise
Traveler Traveller
Theater Theatre
Tire Tyre
-e- (e.g. anemia, diarrhea, encyclopedia) -oe-/-ae- (e.g. anaemia, diarrhoea, encyclopaedia)
-ed (e.g. burned, dreamed, leaped) -t (e.g. burnt, dreamt, leapt)
-ense (defense, offense, license) -ence (e.g. defence, offence, licence)
-el- (e.g. canceled, jeweler, marvelous) -ell- (e.g. cancelled, jeweller, marvellous)
-ize (e.g. appetizer, familiarize, organize) -ise (e.g. appetiser, familiarise, organise)
-ll- (e.g. enroll, fulfill, skillfull) -l- (e.g. enrol, fulfil, skilful)
 -og (e.g. analog, monolog, catalog) *Note that American English also recognizes words spelled with –ogue -ogue (e.g. analogue, monologue, catalogue)
-o (e.g. color, behavior, mold) -ou (e.g. colour, behaviour, mould)
-er (e.g. meter, fiber, center) -er (e.g. meter, fiber, center)
-i- (e.g. tire) -y- (e.g. tyre)

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